Nothing Quite Like a Rush on the River by Sheri Lynn



Relocating to Alabama, Ginny didn’t believe anything could be as hot and humid as living on the Alabama River…until Grant Rush arrived to fix her broken air conditioner.

Grant Rush wasn’t the repairman she expected. Neither was the instant attraction that inundates her from her first look at him. Unsettled in his presence, she behaves in the exact opposite of what she truly wants. She’s rude, threatening, and pompous.

Coaxing Ginny out of her comfort zone and to let down her defenses will try Grant’s patience, but he suspects she is a kindred spirit, and he intends to know her. Once the two of them act on their mutual desires, will it be enough to convince her to give them a shot? Grant knows she is worth it, and he isn’t willing to give her up.


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