Lotus by Jocelynn Babcock



One touch and she can see a man’s greatest desire, or his greatest fear.

An empathic psychic, Lotus avoids physical contact with others. She owns and operates a successful opium salon hidden deep underneath The Albion. Politics on the surface; however, trickle into her business when a councilman patronizes the salon regularly. Interested in ending Chinese immigration, the councilman coaxes the young Edward Wright to join him. Progressive in views, Edward frequents the establishment with different intentions, courting Lotus.

The discovery of letters from a father she never met written to her mother thirty years prior unravels the mystery of how the salon came to The Albion. The more she reads the letters; Lotus discovers a pattern in her own behavior.

Alone, Lotus struggles to find a place where she belongs. She is as unwanted in her mother’s homeland of China as she is in America. Lotus’ plans to stockpile enough cash to leave for China are thwarted by a kindling romance with Edward Wright and a friendship with a prostitute named Emmalou. The scales of balance tilt against her when the councilman is slighted and tragedy strikes. As she struggles with feelings of love and friendship, can she and Edward be together when the law forbids it?


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