Lost Soul by Patricia Richardson


Duane loves his family as well as God; however, he has a dark secret.



Heat Level: 1 Flame

Duane loves his family as well as God; however, he has a dark secret. Will he give in to his hidden desires, which would bring shame, and disgrace to the church and ultimately destroy the strong bound he has with his family?


The loud burring sounds of the ambulance and police car deafened everyone who was in range as they screeched to a halt. The EMT attendants scurried to remove the gurney as the officers ran into the building, ringing every visible intercom button to gain entrance. They were responding to an attempted suicide black male, twenty-four years old.

“WHO IS IT?” shouted a disgruntled tenant. “Police officer, responding to an emergency, please let me in!” The cop hated to be so dramatic, he knew that he had upset the entire building, but a life was at stake. “They’ll get over it,” he mumbled, as the attendants rushed in, pushing the gurney so fast the wheels shook. “What floor, which apartment?”  The attendant in front guided the gurney as the other pushed with such force it was hard not to get bumped.

Officer Patrick took a quick glance at his notes and shouted, “sixth floor, apartment 6L.” As they waited for the elevator, the second officer looked out the windows in the lobby, thinking how he hated responding to this kind of emergency, to the worst thunderstorm he had ever seen only made things worse. The lightning was crackling loudly; the thunder seemed to shake the building.  And even though it was a summer evening, outside was dark as night.

He prayed the young man was still alive; he hated waiting endless hours for the coroner. It always made him feel uneasy, even if his partner was with him.


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