Frost, Flame, Flower by Regina Paul


Can true love survive the freezing of a beloved Poinsettia?


Heat Rating: 5 Flames

Can true love survive the freezing of a beloved Poinsettia?

Poinsettia is a half flame elemental, half flower fairy who is in love with the most popular frost elemental at the North Pole, Jack Frost. But when he freezes one of her beloved namesakes just before Christmas, and endangers her ability to provide poinsettias for Santa during the special holiday, will she forgive him, or banish him from her life forever?


A Century Before

“I’m telling you Jack, if you freeze my Poinsettias again, I’m going to roast you!”Poinsettia stood there lobbing a fireball and taking aim at her nemesis.

“Aw, you wouldn’t burn me Settia, would you?” Jack grinned engagingly all the while lifting his hand and pointing a finger at her prized Poinsettias.

“Don’t bet on it, Jack!” If he froze her plants two days before Christmas, even she wouldn’t be able to bring them back in time for the special holiday.

“Hey Jack! You’re it!” Another frost elemental came flying up and pushed Jack hard, and for just a second he fell towards the prized Poinsettias his finger still pointing. Frost shot from the tip before he could stop it. As if in slow motion, Jack saw the plants turn white with frost just before they froze and shattered.

“Jack!” Poinsettia wailed, tears in her voice.

Jack caught himself just before he hit the ground and turned to glare at his friend who backed off with hands held high in surrender. “Sorry Jack.” He called before flying off. But the damage was done.

Jack stared at the beautiful fairy named for the bright and cheery plant that signified the holiday the humans called Christmas.

“How could you?” Settia said, her voice tight with tears. “Now Santa won’t have enough Poinsettias. I hate you Jack Frost, I hate you! I never want to see you again, get out of my sight!”

“Settia…I didn’t mean…” Jack lifted one hand as though to touch the fairy girl’s shoulder but she shrugged him off. Her back, hunched shoulders, and the sound of her tears were his last memory of her.



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