Eve of All Hallows by Natalie-Nicole Bates


When the Eve of All Hallows meets All Saints Day only Fate can decide the outcome.


Heat Level: 4 Flames

When the Eve of All Hallows meets All Saints Day only Fate can decide the outcome.

As Jamie travels the world in search of fulfillment, she arrives in Majorca the day before Halloween. Almost immediately, she realizes all is not what it seems. There are no tourists, and everyone is just a bit — different. She meets a local tattooist named Carlito, a native of Peru.The attraction is instantaneous and intense. He makes her an unbelievable offer. But whether it means heaven or horror, she is not sure. When the Eve of All Hallows meets All Saints Day only Fate can decide the outcome.


I think I will enjoy my time here, very much.
I’m taking in that magnificent view while I swirl a glass of red wine. Sometimes a girl gets lucky. It’s well past midnight now, but I can’t sleep. Beyond the beauty of my surroundings, of the warmth on my skin this late in the year; is the sound of the sea. I am truly alone in my own little nirvana. No one knows where I am, and I don’t care.
There’s a flash of movement from the corner of my eye. Maybe I’m not as alone as I thought. My heart flutters a little. Then I see him walking the beach towards the water, under the great moon above. My magnificent view just got even more spectacular. He’s fully naked.
My attention is riveted now as I sip my wine. I can’t see a lot of detail in the darkness, but I can see he is tall, with long hair. Nicely built, and if my eyes don’t deceive me, well-endowed as well. Now, this is a very interesting development.
I watch as he enters the water, and I shiver just a little as if my own skin was touched by the cool waters. He disappears momentarily beneath the dark sea and emerges throwing back his long hair. I know I should look away, I should respect his privacy, but I cannot. I am a voyeur in my own little world.
I’m not really sure how much time I spend watching him. Perhaps only a few minutes, maybe even an hour. He emerges from the waves, a mere silhouette now in the moonlight. He stops and looks straight to me. My first reaction is to want to drop to the floor. But my mind tells me he cannot see me in the darkness.
So, if he cannot see me, why does he stare in my direction?


5 Stars, Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!

"Eve of All Hallows is a dynamic short story that meshes Halloween with All Saints Day. Told through the viewpoint of Jamie, it features romance, paranormal, and a bite of horror. The reader never really knows exactly what Carlito is, or anyone in the secluded little town for that matter. They don’t know themselves, and this adds to the mystique of the story. The setting is the lush, warm paradise of Majorca, and adds another dimension to the story. If you’re looking for a quick intriguing read with a plot that is unusual, and characters like you’ve never read before, I highly recommend Eve of All Hallows."-Catey Blair, Night Owl Reviews


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