A Silent Shadow by David E. Barnett


As a psychic who is often pulled in to find clues to unsolved cases, Jethro “Jett” Montgomery knows the feeling and the sound of true evil.


Heat Level: 3 Flames

As a psychic who is often pulled in to find clues to unsolved cases, Jethro "Jett" Montgomery knows the feeling and the sound of true evil. Living in a world of perpetual darkness, he has only his touch to guide him in finding answers. When the evil reaches out and touches his life again, Jett knows it is only his gift that will stop a killer who is willing to do anything to garner his attention including killing a loved one. It is not long before Jett finds himself in a twisted game that involves lies, deceit, and a great many secrets. In order to stop another series of tragic events that could lead to not only the deaths of other loved ones, but also the deaths of thousands of people, Jett must race to unravel the clues to the killer's manifest destiny and prevent one of the worst acts of carnage that the world has seen since the 9/11 tragedy.


He couldn’t get the smell out of his nose and it was starting to give him a headache.

His co-passenger, smelled strongly of perfume, specifically that of Forever Orchid by Mary Kay. It was a fragrance that was more than familiar to him from the times his sister had used the same fragrance during his stay with her upon returning from Tokyo. However, this seating companion was either more than just an adoring fan of the fragrance or was a saleswoman for the company as the stench was making the cabin feel more like a fashion show than a passenger jet.

This was his third trip away from home this month and the fatigue that he felt became more prominent as the hours passed. It was only a four-hour flight, but it felt like it took eons to get there. Wheeler said it was important, but to him anything was important if they had found a body and there were clues they could not understand associated with it.  In those cases it was always up to him to come to the rescue.    He was beginning to feel like a wet nurse rather than an actual freelance psychic, due to the fact that it was always another corpse, another bag of tricks, and another murderer they wanted him to locate. Things were far more profitable for him back home with his martial arts school. His students were, by far, better pupils than the army of blue-uniformed flatfoots that he waded through on a yearly basis. The call could come from anywhere from Los Angeles to bum-fuck Egypt. It could say they had a case they wanted him to solve and that they drastically needed his help. This time it was St. Charles County again and it meant working with Detective Tom Wheeler. If his heart were beating in time with moment the funeral dirge would never cease.

Feeling on his lap he almost picked up the I-Pod he brought with him to play some Schubert to clear his mind. That idea was quickly erased when a slight ping came from the intercom. This meant the captain would begin pointing out historical landmarks to the tourists aboard as they made their descent to land at Lambert International at St. Louis.

“Good afternoon,” the friendly voice spoke from the box above their heads, “and thank you for flying with us today. We will make the approach to the terminal shortly. We thank you for your patience as we will be in a holding pattern for the next fifteen minutes. Please take note of the ‘Fasten Your Seat Belt’ sign and turn off all electronic equipment. The time is 6:30 pm CST and it is a brisk thirty-two degrees outside. The conditions are perfect for a nice Christmas holiday.”

As the captain rattled off the statistics for the area and went into more pleasantries Jett allowed his mind to drift as he heard the wind howl outside like a bellowing beast. The sounds of millions of snowflakes pelted against the window, very much like another day not so long ago that had changed his life forever.

It was in the middle of winter and he was sixteen. He had a hot date with a ’57 cherry red mustang that he called ‘Denise’.


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