Alien Artifice

New Open World: Alien Artifice

Curated by Regina Paul/Natalie-Nicole Bates

Leap of Faith Publishing welcomes you to Alien Artifice.

Imagine a world where at any moment you could be taken from your bed, your car, or even your back yard and forced to participate in gruesome medical experiments. Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where no one believes you, and most people think you are either, crazy, a liar or both.

Then visualize a universe where a race of aliens called the Greys have been hassling humanity all over the galaxies since humanity’s earliest origins. Sometimes people disappear forever. Where did they go? 

Finally, see in your mind’s eye, that the Greys have a hive mentality making it possible for them to use their group mind to create illusions, force compliance, and deceive. In this universe, some planets are aware of the Greys and have developed techniques to stop them, others having stopped them in the distant past, believe they are gone or have left the galaxies, still others are ruled by them causing cult like followings. Can you imagine the chaos all over the universe that they create?

What if someone could save you? Or maybe you’re a freedom fighter on a world overrun by Greys. What if  in spite of the odds against it you find love as well as safety?

Here’s your opportunity to tell the hundreds of stories of abductees all over the galaxies, or maybe your character is one of the saviors and love interests of an abductee. The choice is yours!

Meet Angel Whitedove

Angel Whitedove is from Earth and an alien abductee whose parents were also abductees and who disappeared during a family abduction. Tried for their murder, Angel was acquitted due to the fact there was not enough evidence to convict her; s. After growing up in fosters homes, she moves from city to city in the hopes to keep the Greys from finding her. She is an alien abductee researcher, as well as, someone who helps other alien abductees. She lives on a trust fund left to her from her Cherokee grandparents.

Unbeknownst to her, Angel’s father is from the planet Laren, thus making her a “half-breed” according to his culture and as such if her father’s people ever discover her, she will be taken to Laren and immediately put to death.

Angel’s story, Alien Deceptions has already been written by Regina Paul.

Meet Darek of Laren

Darek is from the planet Laren. He is also a starship commander. His people defeated the Greys in their distant past by using a form of ESP and advanced technology. They drove the Greys from Laren and believe that they are gone. One of Darek’s jobs as a starship commander is enforcing his planet’s non-interference laws. He goes to Earth looking Angel’s father to bring him back to stand trial for breaking the non-interference law, instead he finds Angel, a half-breed marked for death simply because she was born half Larindon.

Darek’s story, Alien Deceptions has already been written by Regina  Paul.

All stories must contain a strong romantic storyline.

  • Length—7,000-80,000 words
  • Heat Level—3-5 (we want it hot, hot, hot)
  • We are open to all types of couple pairings.
  • Acceptable sub-genres—space opera, and mystery and suspense are always welcome, but remember that romance must be at the forefront, and the book must have a contemporary scifi to futuristic feel.
  • All stories should MUST have a HEA or HFN ending. No cliffhangers.  All storylines must be fully resolved by the end.
  • This series will not be included in Amazon KU.
  • A series bible with more complete information is available by request. The bible will be updated frequently.

What we want: Everything from sensual to erotic, and steamy, please no closed bedroom doors, or sweet romance. We want sweep you off your feet romantic stories that expand the reader’s and author’s imagination, and have a contemporary, scifi to futuristic feel.

PLEASE NOTE : The characters of Angel Whitedove and Darek belong to our series curator, Regina Paul. They are strictly off limits to everyone except our little World Warden, Regina Paul.

The Alien Artifice series requires a proposal before submission, to be reviewed and approved by Leap of Faith Publishing acquisition editors.

For consideration, your proposal must include:

  • A description of your main character(s).
  • Your story must include briefly or at least mention in passing the characters of Angel Whitedove and Darek.
  • What world they come from and whether the main part of the story takes place there or somewhere else in the galaxy.
  • A general 1-3 page synopsis of your storyline and your vision.
  • Please include a bit about yourself including any publishing credits you have, as well as your social media links.
  • If your proposal is successful, we would expect to see your completed manuscript within six months.

Email your proposal to the attention of Regina Paul/Natalie-Nicole Bates to: lofsubmissions dot alienartifice at gmail dot com

All submissions must adhere to the Leap of Faith Publishing guidelines and policies.



Request the Alien Artifice Series Bible from:

lofsubmissions dot alienartifice at gmail dot com