Dark Carnival

Leap of Faith Publishing welcomes you to DARK CARNIVAL.

The year is 1907. It is the beginning of a magical new century where anything is possible…

Dark Carnival on the surface is a turn of the twentieth century travelling carnival. But beneath is where the truth lies. Dark Carnival is actually its own darkly delicious paranormal world. Every performer has their own deep, dark secrets. Some secrets are well known to the other performers; some are kept well hidden. But deep down, they are a family and will do whatever is necessary to protect not only each other, but their secrets as well – by any means necessary.


Meet Nano

Nano learned the art of tattooing in his native New Zealand before travelling round the world, sometimes working on a ship and tattooing the sailors with anchors and swallows or other nautical designs. He learned a variety of different tattooing techniques before joining Dark Carnival, a curiosity show really, and Nano happily tattoos both the performers, and if asked, members of the public very discreetly, though he usually works with showmen to whom he is more accustomed.

Nano has ginger red hair and deep brown eyes with a Mediterranean/Latin appearance. He is tall and strong. He has a number of tattoos of his own, but unlike many tattooists, he is not covered in them. He has a band of flames around his arm, together with a mermaid sitting on an anchor.

As the years rolled on, he became aware that he stopped aging. Whether this was from an illness or some supernatural being he encountered during his travels, he isn't quite sure. Distant memories seem to hint that he may have died from a bout of illness while working on a ship, and he may very well be a living, breathing spirit now.

Nano has a big heart and takes the welfare and protection of the other performers very seriously. He is one of the few performers who has actually seen ‘The Manager’ of Dark Carnival, though he rarely speaks of him except to rely messages to others.

PLEASE NOTE: The character of Nano belongs to our series curator, Natalie-Nicole Bates. She is writing his story.


All stories must contain a strong romantic storyline.

  • Length 7,000-80,000 words
  • Heat Level 3-5 (we want it hot, hot, hot)
  • We are open to all types of couple pairings.
  • All stories MUST have a HEA or HFN ending. No cliffhangers. All storylines must be fully resolved by the end.
  • This series will not be included in Amazon KU.
  • All authors are required to include, whether a little or a lot, Nano, and 'The Manager.' Remember – 'The Manager' is never seen, and delivers his information through Nano.
  • A series bible with more complete information is available by request. The bible will be updated frequently.

What we want:What we want: Steamy, lusty, fantastical, paranormal romance stories with sharp, well-crafted characters and sizzling storylines. We want sweep you off your feet romantic stories with a special added touch of darkness and/or horror.

While historically accurate, our stories will have a more contemporary feel. In other words, don't bog us down in tons of fancifully written backstory, stuffy historical facts, or old style language.

Tell us your paranormal dream – or nightmare – of Dark Carnival.

Vivid interpretations of the sights, the smells, and the sounds. The only thing holding you back are the limits of your imagination.

Remember – these are performers and showmen and women. Let them shine through your writing.

For style reference, think of Alicia Coppola's version of Marie Antoinette or Michael Mann's 1990's television series, Crime Story. Give your story a feel of days gone by but a 'vibe of today that is relatable to your readers.

The Dark Carnival series requires a proposal before submission, to be reviewed and approved by Leap of Faith Publishing acquisition editors.

For consideration, your proposal must include:

  • A description of your main character(s).
  • A general 1-3 page synopsis of your storyline and your vision.
  • Please include a bit about yourself including any publishing credits you have, as well as your social media links.
  • If your proposal is successful, we would expect to see your completed manuscript within six months.


Email your proposal to the attention of Natalie-Nicole Bates to: lofsubmissions dot darkcarnival at gmail dot com

All submissions must adhere to the Leap of Faith Publishing guidelines and policies.



Request the Dark Carnival Series Bible from: lofsubmissions dot darkcarnival at gmail dot com