The Albion





Leap of Faith Publishing welcomes you to The Albion.

The year is 1892. It is a time where the old world meets the new. The Albion is located on the bustling Carlyle Street, which is full of diverse shops, hotels and boarding houses. To passers-by, The Albion looks like and indeed is, a hotel offering lodging to both short and long-term guests. But at night, ah…at night, The Albion is THE place to be. In the basement and the passages leading off from it, is where all the real action takes place. the main area downstairs is a speakeasy style drinking den accessible to only those in the know, and those who are known to 'the management.' Packed every night of the week, acceptable clientele enters through a side street.

There is gambling on offer, as well as girls of a certain reputation. But that is not the least of it, not at all. For along a corridor that leads to the back of the building, is another door. Only the most trusted customers can take this route in to a salon full of couches decorated in the Chinese style. The room is heavy with the sickly heavy scent of opium, and indeed customers can get a pipe of opium from a strict looking but attractive lady of Chinese descent named Lotus. All who partake will experience very sweet dreams.


Meet the owner of The Albion


Thaddeus is a determined individual. He has built up several successful hotels and rooming houses in the immediate area. Thaddeus does not feel he is doing any wrong in running these businesses with his helpers, who are also his security team. He feels everyone is entitled to have a good time, and if they choose, sweet dreams. Thaddeus himself is a muscular person who is tall and strong. He has hooded, languid eyes, an olive complexion, and thick dark hair. He is very proud of what he has achieved, even if his activities are rather dubious; they give him a comfortable lifestyle. Thaddeus is delighted to make your acquaintance.


All stories must contain a strong romantic storyline.


  • Length 7,000-80,000 words
  • Heat Level 3-5 (we want it hot, hot, hot)
  • We are open to all types of couple pairings.
  • Acceptable sub-genres: Steampunk, and a small number of well-crafted paranormals. Mystery and suspense are always welcome, but remember that romance must be at the forefront.
  • All stories MUST have a HEA or HFN ending. No cliffhangers. All storylines must be fully resolved by the end.
  • This series will not be included in Amazon KU.
  • All authors are required to include, whether a little or a lot, Thaddeus and The Albion.
  • A series bible with more complete information is available by request. The bible will be updated frequently.

What we want:Steamy, cheeky, decadence, and debauchery. We want sweep you off your feet romantic stories that while historically accurate, have a more contemporary feel. In other words, don't bog us down in tons of fancifully written backstory, stuffy historical facts, or old style language.

Think Alicia Coppola's version of Marie Antoinette or Michael Mann's 1990's television series, Crime Story. Give your story a feel of days gone by but a vibe of today that is relatable to your readers.

PLEASE NOTE: The character of Thaddeus belongs to our series curator, Natalie-Nicole Bates. He is strictly off limits to everyone except our little World Warden, Natalie-Nicole.

The Albion series requires a proposal before submission, to be reviewed and approved by Leap of Faith Publishing acquisition editors.

For consideration, your proposal must include:

  • A description of your main character(s).
  • What type of business or situation you will be adding to Carlyle Street and The Albion.
  • A general 1-3 page synopsis of your storyline and your vision.
  • Please include a bit about yourself including any publishing credits you have, as well as your social media links.
  • If your proposal is successful, we would expect to see your completed manuscript within six months.


Email your proposal to the attention of Natalie-Nicole Bates to: lofsubmissions dot albion at gmail dot com

All submissions must adhere to the Leap of Faith Publishing guidelines and policies.



Request The Albion Series Bible from: lofsubmissions dot albion at gmail dot com