Q&A for Authors

Leap of Faith Publishing gets a lot of questions from authors and so we've set up this page in order to answer those questions, and hopefully share some of our philosophy about publishing as well.

Q: How long does it take for my book to become available?

A: Leap of Faith Publishing tries to get books out within six months from the signed contract date. However, it can take between nine and twelve months for a book to become available once the contract is signed. 

Q: Once I've signed the contract can I contact Leap of Faith Publishing from time to time to see how my cover art and editing are coming along?

A: First things first, LOF will send out updates to authors to let them know what's going on, and to keep them in the loop about where they are at in the editing and cover art process. It's important to keep in mind that once you sign the contract your book goes to the editing and cover art departments respectively, but there will in most cases be books ahead of yours whose editing and cover art will be given priority since they received their contracts before yours. For additional updates beyond what LOF sends out, they ask that you keep these to no more than one update request per month.

Q: Does LOF give me any say in what goes on my cover? What if I don't care for my cover, will LOF have the cover artist completely redo my cover at my request?

A: Yes, you do have a say in your cover art. When it's time to send your information to the cover artist, LOF will send you an Author Form that asks for your ideas about how you would like your cover to look, along with other things such as the blurb etc. The cover artist will be given this form so they can take a look at your ideas, however, the cover artist is not obligated to use your ideas because in some cases the vision an author has may not be viable from a marketing or art perspective. LOF trusts their cover artists to come up with a cover that will effectively market your book, but that will still take into account the author's wishes and ideas. That being said, as per your contract LOF has the final say on cover art. So, no LOF will not ask their cover artist to completely redo your cover. However, we will correct misspellings. Once the cover is completed and approved by LOF, no further changes will be made and no redos will be done.

Q: I found a couple of typos in my manuscript after it was published that the editors missed, will LOF take my book down, make those corrections and then resubmit everywhere it's for sale?

A: The short answer is no. Anyone who is a reader knows that even books from the big name publishers sometimes have a typo or two that gets missed in the editing process. LOF's editors work hard with the authors to make manuscripts as error free as possible, but it's human nature that occasionally something will be missed. In most cases the time it would take to take the book down from all the distributors, make the corrections and reformat it and resubmit it would not be cost effective in either time spent, or sales lost while the book is unavailable, to make it worth it to correct one or two typos.

Q: Why doesn't Leap of Faith Publishing have more e-books available, it's been around since 2008?

A: Leap of Faith Publishing started out as the brainchild of author Patricia Richardson, originally it was meant to publish her books only. And in fact was only publishing her books until 2011. It was in 2011 that Regina Paul and Patricia Richardson got together and decided to help other authors realize their dream of being published by opening LOF for submissions. Also, Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC believes in being discerning when it comes to offering contracts to authors. Not every book submitted is accepted.

Q: Is my book guaranteed to go to print?

A: Yes, but with conditions. Authors must consistently market their e-book version and post their promotion links such as take overs, chats, book signings, teasers for books etc. to the LOF Author's Social Media Group on FB so we can help them promote it. E-books are put up on the Leap of Faith Publishing website, and Amazon first. Then in the next few weeks it is uploaded to our other third party distributors. Authors cannot wait until the book is up at all third party distributors before they begin marketing their book. They must market it from the very first day. We also ask that as much as possible authors use the buy link for the webstore first when promoting. Sales from the webstore make higher royalties for authors.  As long as authors consistently market their e-books and communicate with us that they are dong so, then their book will go to print, otherwise LOF reserves the right to not have their book go to print.

One exception to the above are e-books in the Lite Delights category. Those e-books due to the length will not go to print. 

Q: Is Patricia Richardson a real person? It seems like I always talk to Regina.

A: Yes, Patricia is a real person and she is the CEO of Leap of Faith Publishing. The reason you don't see her as much online is that Patricia and Regina each play to their strengths for the benefit of the authors and LOF. Regina's strengths are editing, cover art, computers, promoting online and just about anything that is software or computer driven. Patricia's strengths are offline networking, offline promoting, play production, and setting up events such as book signings. Since Patricia spends the majority of her time networking, going to bookstores and libraries and handing out promotions materials and flyers, and other types of events where readers congregate, she spends less time online and leaves that up to Regina to handle. If you ever for any reason want to contact Patricia you can do so by e-mailing her at richardsonp320 at gmail dot com. She will be more than happy to respond to any and all e-mails with questions, concerns or any topic you'd like!

Q: What does Patricia do to help promote my books and Leap of Faith Publishing?

A: Patricia does many things offline to help promote LOF and LOF books and authors. To name a few, she organizes events such as book signings, and wine tastings where readers congregate. Patricia also attends networking events where she hands out bookmarks, flyers, and other promotional items about LOF and its authors and books. She also visits libraries and bookstores and works on getting paperbacks by LOF authors into both places, and leaves promotional materials in those places for readers as well. Patricia has also produced a play called Ida based on the book, A Place for Ida. This has brought many new readers to LOF since the play is based on a book published by LOF, and she uses the play as a jumping off point to introduce readers to LOF. The play is also available as a DVD and download on Amazon, and this brings even more potential readers to LOF and their books and authors. She will continue to promote LOF its authors and books offline.

Q: I'm worried because my book doesn't appear to be selling as well as I'd like it to, is Leap of Faith Publishing going to give me the rights back?

A: Not necessarily, but not marketing your e-book and or paperback increases the risk that your rights will be returned. Per the contract, while it is solely the responsibility of the author to promote his/her books, it is at the discretion of LOF as to whether or not the rights to an author's book will be returned to them. Although if an author is obviously not making an effort to market his/her book, the risk of his or her rights being returned increases exponentially.There are a number of factors besides sales that are utilized to make this decision one way or the other. If an author has not received an e-mail from either Regina Paul or Patricia Richardson stating that their rights are being returned to them for whatever reason, they are required to continue to promote their book. It means LOF believes that the author's book(s) have the potential to do better and they want to give the book(s) time to do so. If an author believes their book(s) are not doing as well as they could then the author needs to promote them. 99% of the time if a book is not selling as well as would be liked, it is because the author is not promoting it. Authors are encouraged to both educate themselves with regards to author promotion, and to take advantage of low cost promotions companies such as HeartFelt Promos whose professionals know how to help authors get the word out to readers about their books.

Q: Does LOF promote my book?

A: Yes, however, as predicated in your contract, you the author are the one solely required to promote your book. We do have a Social Media Manager, Natalie-Nicole Bates who will promote any of your promotional links including your social media links to the social media sites. We also have a Leap of Faith Publishing Facebook Author's Group that it is mandatory for authors to join. In this group you can, share your promotional links including your social media links and website links, your book covers from LOF, and any thing else you would like us to promote, providing it is only items that are about your Leap of Faith Publishing books. You may not post promotional links that have to do with books from other publishers. We will post free book marketing opportunities, blogs that are looking for authors to spotlight and other book marketing tips that you can use to market your books. Authors that actively promote their books, and are active on the LOF Author's Social Media FB Group will be considered to receive further paid for book marketing as Leap of Faith Publishing deems has been earned. This can include but is not limited to book teasers, digital bookmarks, desktop wallpapers, book trailers, and book ads.

Q: If I don't like parts of Leap of Faith's contract, will LOF rewrite the contract per my or my lawyer's instructions so I am happy with it?

A: Not exactly. In certain select cases based on individual situations LOF will do addendums for the contract which modify some of the terms of the original contract. This however is rare and is only done when there is a benefit to both parties.

Q: How long does your contract period last for?

A: Five years.

If you have any questions that aren't addressed by the Q&A please feel free to contact LOF at lofpublishing at gmail dot com.