Welcome to Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC!

Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC is a royalty paying publisher of romance and erotic romance fiction primarily. However, we also publish self-help, mainstream fiction, urban fiction, fantasy and science fiction, and thriller/suspense fiction. Send submissions to lofsubmissions at

We are primarily an e-book publisher, however, authors who regularly market their e-books, will be offered the opportunity to go to print. We reserve the right to not offer the print option to authors who do not regularly market their e-books. We do not offer advances, and we pay royalties quarterly once your royalties accumulate to at least $10. The breakdown for royalties is 40% of net sales on all electronic and digital copies sold through the Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC website, 25% of net sales of electronic and digital copies sold through 3rd party distributors, and 10% of net sales for any print copies sold either through the Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC website or 3rd party distributors, should your book go to print.

Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC charges no fees to authors. We provide professional editorial services, cover art, and one (1) electronic copy for reviewing purposes, as well as, two (2) print copies should a book go to print. ISBN numbers will be provided for both e-books and paperbacks.

Submissions must be in .DOC or .RTF format, and must follow all the formatting guidelines below or they will be deleted.

As of July 8, 2012 we no longer accept simultaneous submissions. We do accept multiple submissions.


Please take care of all POV issues before you submit your manuscript. Also, only one POV change per chapter, unless okay’d by Sr. Acquisitions Editor is allowed and absolutely NO HEAD HOPPING.

This is what we want more of:

1. GLBT Romance in all genres

2. Paranormal Romance

3. Erotic Romance in all genres

4. Interracial Romance

5. Science Fiction Romance

6. Western Romance

7. Multiple Partner Romance in all genres

8. Menage Romance

9. Urban Fantasy Romance

10. Adult Coloring Books

This is what we don’t want:

1. Golden showers.

2. Sex with minors or sexual exploitation of children.

3. Bestiality. Shape shifters and animal-like aliens are the exception.

4. Rape for the purposes of titillation.

5. Pornography.

6. Necrophilia. Vamps are the exception.

Book Lengths

1000k-20000k Short Story

20000k-40000k Novella

40000-85000k Novel

85000k-185000k Plus-size Novel

Manuscript Formatting

Send your submissions to: lofsubmissions at gmail dot com

Author’s name, phone number, address, and email should be on the first page of your manuscript.

Your email must include the following:

Title of Manuscript

Author Name and a pseudonym if you use one


Word Count

A Detailed Synopsis

A Promotional Plan. All authors must submit a plan that tells us how they are going to market their book. Please do not tell us you are open to suggestions, instead give us an idea of what you are going to do to get the word out, such as posting teasers on FB or participating in takeovers on FB, or doing a blog tour or book blitz to name a few things. We are looking for authors who want to hang out with readers and enjoy talking about their book(s). Authors who do not make an effort to regularly market their book(s) (doing at least three promotional activities weekly such as tweeting, teasers on FB, or posting to Pinterest as examples) will not be offered new contracts, and run the risk of having their rights returned to them on any book(s) they have already contracted with Leap of Faith Publishing, LLC.

Manuscripts must be 1.5 spaced in New Times Roman font. Chapter headings must be in words rather than numbers, first letters capitalized only. Do not underline words you want in italics, instead put those words in italics. Finally, no parenthesis please. Also, to start a new chapter click Ctrl+Enter this will drop you down to the next page.

We also now do not accept manuscripts where the paragraphs have been indented using the tab button. Instead we require that you use the ruler to indent. If you started out using the tab button you will need to strip out the tabs by going to Paragraph==>Tabs==>Selecting None==>Selecting Clear All==>Click OK. To get your vertical ruler to appear go in¬†Word Options==>Advanced==>Check Show Vertical Ruler in Print Layout View==>Click OK. Next you’ll want to go and highlight each chapter (minus the chapter headings), then take your mouse and drag the upside down triangle at the top of the ruler over to the .5 line. That will format the indent for all your paragraphs. Rinse and repeat for each chapter. Be sure and go through your manuscript and make sure it worked appropriately. Sometimes if you have lines that are indented differently with the tab button such as if you have a letter in the middle of a paragraph this can get messed up and you’ll need to fix that indent using the ruler.

Finally, you can view a copy of our contract here.