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Rosey Red with Blood on Her Hands by Natalie-Nicole Bates

The Albion, Book 1

Genre: Historical Romance


One man's death will change everything.

The year is 1892. Rosey Rydall is a fiercely independent and entrepreneurial woman of the time. Check-in girl at The Albion Hotel is only one of her jobs. In the background, she runs an informal body selling business with the town coroner, Anton Larsen. She also is a trusted friend and confidante of wealthy hotel mogul, Thaddeus Anderton. A friendship that is both loving and beneficial for Rosey.

Two men love Rosey.

She haunts the dreams and existence of Marty Burke, a much married, decorated and respected police officer who looks the other way from Rosey’s business, as well as the night time activities occurring in the basement of The Albion.

The other is her partner is crime, Doctor Anton Larsen, a man of true quality who loves the dark and dangerous as much as Rosey.

When Marty’s wife dies, and he turns his attention to Rosey, she spurns his attempts at possessing her. In turn, he threatens everything and everyone Rosey loves. She must now take bold and decisive action to rid herself of Marty, or risk the lives of those who mean the most to her.


His Redemption by Natalie-Nicole Bates

The Albion, Book 2


Is Marty Burke too good to be true?

With a baby on the way, it should have been the best Christmas ever for Evie Stanton. Instead, she finds herself a widow, and alone in a strange town. Luck seems to shine on Evie when she meets police officer Marty Burke. Marty is everything her late husband was not – kind, caring, and loyal. Marty offers to marry her, and give her and her baby a home.

It’s almost too perfect until Evie hears rumors about Marty’s past.

She finds it impossible to reconcile the handsome, wonderful man she knows, with the dark and dangerous man she is told about.

For Evie, her choice becomes one of uncertainty. Marry a man with a questionable reputation, or find herself homeless with a new baby.


Darkly Skewed by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Dark Carnival, Book 1


One night forever changed the life of Shaun Collins.

Once a successful and respected coroner, Shaun encountered a demon who rendered him nothing more than a living corpse, doomed to live on forever and ever.

And then Shaun found Dark Carnival. A mysterious travelling curiosity show where all the performers have secrets. Assuming the persona of a clown, Shaun travels city to city, hating himself a bit more with each passing day.

Everything changes when he meets the most beautiful woman named Kyrie, who doesn’t see what others see.

But to love Kyrie is not only selfish, but dangerous as well.

Can Shaun find a way in his impossible world to keep the woman he loves, and return to a normal life once again, or will his desires destroy them both?