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Just Stay by Bonnie Leigh

Western Romantic Suspense


When a mysterious and sad-eyed young woman appears in the small town of Jessop, Wyoming, her arrival dredges up questions about her past she’s unable to answer. 

Hannah was once one of the elite, a model, and a child of wealth and privilege…until she meets the wrong man and ends up in a nightmare she cannot see the end of. Losing everything she has ever known and on the run from her abuser, she will do anything to escape his clutches, even drive her wreck of a car until it dies and start walking.

Adrian is a former Marine with secrets of his own, but fortunately for him, he has a loving family, and work he enjoys on his family's ranch. Hannah stirs something in him that no woman has stirred in a long time. He knows she is running from something, and as much as he and his family want to help her, she has to want their help and to ask for it. 

Will the transformative powers of familial bonds and the call to true love break Hannah's silence?